"Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail."

Small Business Owners, Sales Professionals to C Level Executives

"Is Your Business Slowing Bleeding to Death?"

Many small business owners (including real estate agents, new car salesmen, insurance agents, financial advisers), sales professionals, C Level executives and solo entrepreneurs attempt to fly their business by adopting the role of Captain Wing It. They truly do not have a flight plan and everything is very "loosey-goosey." This is probably why their business results from sales, marketing, customer loyalty, growth and innovation, management and leadership and financials are not where they want them to be! In other words, many businesses are slowing bleeding to death from poor results.


Unfortunately, many of these same individuals have negative attitudes toward business action planning (be honest), lack the time necessary to create a well researched business strategic plan and are inconsistent with goal achievement. Yet, these same small business owners to sales professionals truly believe that having a plan is better than not having one.

After working with numerous small business owners to even C Level executives during the last 15 years, I came to realize that the traditional, time consuming business planning process did not meet the needs of today's very busy business professionals. This is why I developed Triage Business Planning where you receive what you need to stop bleeding all those profits, those wasted hours, all of that frustration:

Triage Small Business Planning can also be delivered as:

Just imagine, for a moment, if you could begin to control and more accurately achieve your desired small business results. What would that mean to your:

After working with well over 1,000 individuals during the last 10 years, I came to realize that the traditional, time consuming planning process did not meet the needs of today's very busy small business owners who wear multiple hats. This is the main reason why I developed Triage Small Business Action Planning eBook where you receive:

The one page action plans each have a value of $17 USD couple that with the proven goal setting worksheet and the added items, total value easily exceeds $200. Your investment for this powerful eBook that will stop the bleeding and get you to where you want to be will be just $47.00 (plus any local taxes may apply). Delivery will be electronic within 24-48 hours after receipt of payment.

Additionally, you will receive three assessments - DISC Index, Values Index and Attribute Index along with a detailed and customized debriefing report. The value of these assessments along with the nearly 15 page debriefing report and the one hour of executive coaching exceed $350.00

2017 SPECIAL - $147.00 Plus Two Hours of Executive Coaching until 3/31/2016

If you are thinking something like "if it ain't broke, why fix it?" then all I can say to you is "How much more would you have achieved if you had a written plan supported by written goals that all were working together instead of apart?" Take a moment to think about the every day common written grocery list. What happens when you forget that list:

If you believe in the value of the written grocery list, then why would you not believe in the necessity of a written plan for your future? What is more important? The groceries being bought or your future beyond just surviving? Or do you truly enjoy playing Captain Wing It, spraying and praying your actions all over the place?

Plans are worthless; planning is everything." Pres. D. Eisenhower

Yes, planning does make people uncomfortable. However, this process is very fluid and almost seamless because I focus on the key areas that now have gaps causing your life to slowly bleed to death. If you fear planning, then that might be a misdirected fear of false evidence appearing real. If you want to be one of the few who truly thrives and goes beyond just surviving, then take positive action now instead of later when you become one of the many who continue to add to that business failure statistic.

If your goals for 2016 were not achieved; if you are not happy with your results in 2016 and if 2017 is not looking any better, NOW is the time to take action, make that course correction, unless you enjoy playing Captain Wing-It and want to be in the same place or almost the same place this time next year!

Please feel free to call me, Leanne Hoagland-Smith, Your Results Driven Executive Coach at 219.508.2859 if you have any questions or check out my sales blog if you are still unsure.

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