Strategic Growth Sales Action Plan

Are you tired of:

So what sales actions are you currently taking?

If you could crystallize and clarify all of your sales goals on one piece of paper, where you have clearly articulated the:

Would this be of interest to you?

And if this one page sales action plan was at an affordable price less than $20 USD, would you still be interested?

The Strategic Sales Growth Action Plan is just that. One page in a simple and easy to read format that allows for you to EXECUTE your sales actions and align them to your overall business strategic plan.

But, you may not have an overall business strategic plan. That is OK, because you have the core business statements within this one page Strategic Sales Growth Action Plan.

The Strategic Sales Growth Action Plan is designed to give you results because it has worked with my clients as well as with myself. As a nationally recognized business building expert and someone who has been trained to create effective business tools such as sales tools to action plans, I realized that many small business owners, solo professionals, entrepreneurs, insurance agents, real estate agents, realtors, new car salesmen and independent contractors shared one common issue regarding planning:

They know that they need to plan, but they did not have time to plan.

Respecting that commonality, the Strategic Sales Growth Action Plan was born. This plan can be committed to writing in less than 3 hours. In fact, I have been able through sales coaching, executive coaching or business coaching (whatever you want to call it) not only create this plan, but the basic one page Strategic Business Growth Action Plan, the one page Strategic Marketing Growth Action Plan and the one page Strategic Financial Growth Action Plan in just 3 to 5 hours depending upon the client.

However, you can work through the Strategic Sales Growth Action Plan by yourself given that this plan also includes some basic guidelines or information necessary to complete the plan.

Now, you may be thinking that why should you pay for something when there is so much free stuff on the Internet? If all of that free stuff worked, why are people still:

The Strategic Sales Growth Action Plan package is a very affordable $17 (USD) plus any applicable taxes and is delivered in a PDF format. Guidelines are also included ($37.00 USD)value. And to provide additional help to execute your sales plan, you will also receive the The Results Tool - Goal Setting Worksheet where you can work through those difficult goals that you have yet to achieve along with the guidelines. This is an additional value of $47.

For your investment of $17.00 you will receive:

Total Value of $88 USD is just yours for $17 USD (e-product to be delivered within 24-72 hours after purchase)plus any applicable taxes.

$17.00 USD

Do You Waste 12 Minutes a Day?

If you answered yes, as most people in sales do, then your $17.00 investment can quickly provide you an incredible return on your investment.

12 minutes a day is 1 hour a week. Using a $50,000 annual income, this translates into $24.04 an hour. If you can reinvest just two wasted hours out of the potential 52 wasted hours per year (and this is very, very conservative estimate given that most people admit to wasting at least one hour per day), you have already recovered your investment.

After making your payment through PayPal, I will send you all documents electronically within 24 to 72 hours in a PDF file. Please make sure your email will accept email from leanne at

Do You Believe that You Need Some Additional Help to Increase Sales?

Register to receive a FREE Sales Professional Profile Assessment if you have not taken it already. Please schedule some time with yourself so that you can be absolutely honest while you reflect upon your answers. This assessment (a downloadable PDF file) works for any sales professional and is based on my 30 plus years in selling. If you believe in relationship selling, this assessment may help you close those sales skills' gaps necessary to building sustainable relationships.

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Until we speak, may your life be filled with peace and abundance. Leanne Hoagland-Smith



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