Leaders: Is Your Process Improvement Plan
Not Getting You To Where You Want To Be?

You Can Get Where You Want To Go When You Get Everyone Following the Same Plan

What Is the First Answer to a Culture of Continuous

Process Improvement that Is in Alignment
With The Strategic Plan of Systems, Strategy and People

There are 3 critical areas in a successful executable strategic plan strategy, systems and people. Through the Strategic Planning - the key principle of business process improvement must be upheld. An executable strategic planning process creates high levels of internal customer satisfaction thereby driving loyal external customers.

From Indianapolis to Chicago or to either coasts and in any industry, our approach will work with your current process improvement efforts. We do not believe in reinventing the wheel or having our clients suffer sticker shock. This approach complements any organization seeking professional services that utilize qualifications based selection or total quality management initiatives where the goal is to improve quality and cost effectiveness.

alignment model

Improve Results by 10% and Reduce the Waste

This quality improvement process brings exceptional value because wasted efforts are identified thereby closing the performance gaps.

For example, waste reduction through this alignment model has helped IBM in Boca Raton to reduce expense report turnaround from 4 to 6 weeks to one day.

Chrysler Corporation now has a competitive advantage through the introduction of a new vehicle in 3 years from design to production instead of the 5 year U.S. competition average.

Boeing reduced the development of the 777 by two years thus beating the competition and securing additional new orders.

One of the best predictors in becoming a world class organization is the Baldrige criteria. Our D.I.AL.O.G. Evaluation process improvement tool can help you discover your performance gaps within a short time. This simple tool even comes with a process improvement plan using a business coaching & training model or blue-print to close those performance gaps (based upon the Baldrige criteria) that will catapult your firm toward being a world class organization.

Some questions an organization might ask to determine if their efforts are truly closing their performance gaps and creating a culture of high performance and quality might be:

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If 10% of your employees (1/3 top management, 1/3 middle management and 1/3 frontline workers) were asked to name the top 3 goals of this organization could they?

If leadership or performance of your organization is an issue, please click below to receive your copy of a FREE Leadership Audit.

What is the impact to quality and the bottom line if all the responses are not the same?

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How do the daily actions of your people ensure consistent quality performance toward the top 3 organizational goals within the strategic planning process?

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What does the inability to create peak performance cost you in terms of quality, process improvement, strategic planning and the bottom line?

For this time and place to be achieved requires alignment of everyone within the organization. Solutions should not be of the "silo" nature, but collectively bringing the team together to guarantee a dedicated quality focus toward the same desired results.

Winning Teams Win Because of the Strengths of Each Individual

Minimal process improvement continues to allude organizations because many solutions focus on the weaknesses of each team member. Collectively the strength of the team exceeds the individual weaknesses. Winning teams win because of the strengths of each team member. A 10% improvement for each team member results in an overall performance improvement increase greater than 10%. This is why we embrace a business coaching and training solution.

Our clients have personally achieved far more than 10%. They know that by taking the risk, amazing quality results are possible.

May you find continued success

Leanne Hoagland-Smith, Chief People Officer of ADVANCED SYSTEMS


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