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"Man's main task in life is to give birth to himself, to become what he potentially is."
—Erich Fromm

Your Opportunity to Assess, Clarify and Execute

Are You Where You Want To Be?

In the effort to get to where they want to be, many individuals focus way too much time on attempting to correct weaknesses while not leveraging their talents because they simply do not know them.

Just imagine where you could be if you could direct the right efforts (your current performance) using the right talents to get from where you are now or your employees to where you want to be or want them to be?

And would it be even better to have this knowledge supported by an action plan along with some additional guidance in less than 30 days?

What is it worth to you to know your talents? And then to be able to leverage those talents into achieving those repetitive and usually costly goals. Many will say priceless because they are tired of the status quo, tired of repetitive problems, exhausted by the continued effort of just "treading water."

Many people are aware of their talents, but they truly do not know them. After working with nearly 500 people using this assessment, I can share this information:

From this assessed awareness, the result is clarity. This new clarity allows individuals to truly focus on doing the right actions to secure the right results in the right time frame.

Special Opportunity - Assessment Plus Customized Debriefing Report

Take advantage of this special opportunity to receive the Attribute Index Assessment along with a tailored and personalized debriefing of your results and 60 minutes of executive coaching to walk you through this powerful assessment.

After receipt of payment, you will receive an email requesting some additional information including:

Upon receipt of this information you will receive your link within 24 hours. Then after completion of the assessment (valued at $57), a tailored and personal debriefing report of your results (valued at $97) will be written. Additionally you will receive 60 minutes of executive coaching to walk you through this assessment. Total value is $497 and you pay only $247 USD. Local sales taxes may apply. You will receive your assessment within 24-48 hours after payment. Upon completion of the assessment, the one on one executive coaching session will be scheduled within 48-72 hours. Note: Once this session is scheduled it cannot be cancelled.

Would You Have Surgery Without Any Tests?

When you are seriously ill, you probably go to the doctor. Does he or she immediately prescribe a solution such as surgery without engaging in some diagnostic behavior (issuing some tests or labs) such as:

So why would you not utilize a similar process for beginning to get to where you want to be?

These executive coaching or small business coaching solutions do not:

Many Individuals and Organizations Ignore Their Greatest Asset

Look at your balance sheet and gaze over all those capital assets. You are probably missing your most important one - your human capital talent. For without employees, your organization would not survive less alone grow.

To be able to leverage all that potential within your human capital talent begins by understanding each individual's strengths and how those strengths can be combined to create exceptional teamwork that leads to a high and sustainable performance culture. And then putting together a doable employee development strategy coupled with individual effective employee development reinforced with proven employee development tools.

Effective Talent and Performance Appraisals

There are many types of employee performance appraisals. Some focus on personalities as well as provide subjective viewpoints such as DISC, 360s, etc. However is this approach the best one to build a culture of high performance? Would it not make more sense to have a performance appraisal that looks to the "Whys" of the behaviors instead of the observable "Hows"? The "Whys" are really about the decision making process.

Great Decisions Are the Key

A high performance culture and winning teams go beyond having the right people on the bus. When individuals understand their strengths which are the measurable actions from their decision making process, then they can begin to take specific and directed actions of continuous improvement through self improvement. The end result is that the organization is working smarter not harder because it has leveraged the potential within its greatest asset - human capital.

The Necessity of Performance Appraisals

Your human capital talent is your greatest asset. Winning companies are those where human capital talent management has been maximized allowing individuals to reach and expand upon their existing potential. One of the key issues facing many organization is succession planning - Who will lead our company, our department or our team to that next level? Another issue is building great teams within and outside of key departments.

Whether the issue is succession planning or team building, understanding how your employees make their decisions is the first step before understanding how they are perceived by others. Unfortunately, most organizations have not leveraged their existing human capital talent well because they are relying on older performance appraisal tools. That is until now.

Innermetrix Profile Performance Appraisal

The Innermetrix Profile is the new tool for the 21st century performance appraisal process. This assessment is based on the works of Dr. Hartman's research specific to the science of Axiology that being "the branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of value and the types of value as in morals, aesthetics, religion and metaphysics." (Source: Webster's New World Dictionary, 2nd Edition)

Just think of all the many problems facing organizations since the start of the 21st century - Enron, Wall Street Meltdown, Political Corruption. Has not most of them been because people made bad decisions because of the nature of their values?

The decisions we make are directly connected to our behaviors. Hartman's work revealed that there exists three (3) distinct styles of decision making and we view the world from an external perspective as well as an internal perspective. From his work, emerged a deductive assessment tool as compared to an inductive assessment tool that being the majority of the other performance appraisal tools.

Through 78 core attributes, profiles can be determined for the following:

Now is the time to consider this dynamic, Internet delivered assessment with 2 hours of coaching as a viable solution. Given that just one of these problems can easily cost the bottom line at least $250 and probably $500 or more, using this assessment is truly a wise investment. Beyond individual debriefings, group debriefings can also be scheduled to further extend the dramatic impact of this incredible tool. Most of our clients have made this statement: "I cannot believe you know me so well from just two pages and in just 15 minutes (the time to take the assessment).

Before you waste any more of your precious resources of time, energy, dollars and emotions, now is the time to take action. Stop working and living in chaos and start using the talents of your people proactively instead of reactively.

Values, DISC Profiles and Emotional Intelligence

Beyond the How, we can help to assess the Why and the What through Innermetrix Values, Disc Profiles and Emotional Intelligence. Each assessment comes with a briefing and a customized workbook. For without the debriefing, the data is just information. These three assessments can be combined with the Attribute Index (AI).

Why Innermetrix DISC Index and Values Index?

The majority of DISC profiles are created by making a selection between "most likely" and "least likely." The Innermetrix tools actually rank all four selections. These increases the accuracy by 38% according to Jay Niblick, President of Innermetrix.

When Innermetrix DISC, Values Index and Emotional Intelligence?

The DISC Index is a great tool to diagnose and improve communication between teams. For firms looking for sales people or for a better understanding of what motivates a person, the Values can be an effective employee development tool.

The Emotional Intelligence tool works with the Attribute Index profile as well as with other assessments such as Values and DISC. This is truly a personal tool to help individuals better understand their own emotions and the emotions other others.

By the way, are your people great relationship builders with each other and with your customers?

Please call me today at 219.508.2859 or drop an email to schedule your performance appraisal assessment. I include both private debriefings along with a group team debriefing. I look forward to working with you to achieve dramatic results! And if you are not just sure that I can support you, check out my business and sales blog Increase Sales Coach.


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