Are You Where You Want To Be?
Frustrated by Repetitive Problems?

"To Go Where You Have Never Gone Before Demands That
You Do What You Have Never Done Before"

But, You Must Know Where You Are First!

When you ask for directions when traveling, what is the first response from the person giving you the directions? "Where are you?" or something to that affect. You cannot make a plan to travel without knowing where you are before you take that very first step.

So, are you willing to invest 15 to 60 minutes each week to learn where you are before you begin to build a business action plan for your business success as well as your personal self-improvement? If so, then sign up for this FREE 7 lesson e-course, M.A.P. for Success. Please note: If you truly want change, this will take time and reflection. This free 7 lesson e course is not the quick fix nor the final solution, but rather the beginning in charting a course of direction. You will receive 7 separate emails after the initial Thank You email. The emails are scheduled approximately 4 days apart.

Read What One Coaching Client Learned

It's interesting that since I started your e-mail "Building My M.A.P. For Success Coaching program," I found myself getting back on track and I uncovered business from a former Illinois client. Yesterday I entered into a long term engagement with that client. The amount of business secured is going to tie me up for some time and along with the other business I uncovered, I probably will be at capacity for a few months. Marge, president of a marketing business.

Would you like to be at capacity for your business? Then sign up to receive this dynamic and life changing free email coaching program.

What I have learned during the last 7 years as a business coach and more importantly during the last 30 years of professional experience, is that people spend more time planning their grocery lists, their vacations, their honeymoons, than they do for their businesses, their professional lives and their personal lives. And then they wonder why they aren't as successful as they want to be.

FACT: Over 95% of the businesses that I have surveyed do not have a strategic business plan with written goals of who does what by when.

The other thing that I have witnessed is that people want immediate gratification and do not want to work at self-improvement by making sustainable change. So what happens is that people experience the same problems and continue to hope for different results. Einstein defined this an insanity. Possibly, for those who no longer enjoy being insane this is why business coaching & training has become so popular.

FACT: Over 99% of the people that I have surveyed do not have a professional or personal action plan.

Do you remember, going swimming and sticking your toe, then your foot, then your leg and finally jumping into the pool, pond or lake especially if the water was cold? You had an internal fear reaction which is common. The thought of making change for many causes a similar reaction. And let's be honest, no one wants to jump in especially if they feel that they may be in over their heads.

FACT: Over 90% of the business owners that I have surveyed believe that a strategic business plan or strategic business action plan is overwhelming.

What I have done to overcome that fear of change and being overwhelmed is to create a 7 Lesson, FREE, on-line e-mail course that will help you to begin to build an action plan for success. What my business coaching clients have told me is that this process has helped them gain incredible clarity and direction as to what course of actions that they need to take.

FACT: For improved organizational performance or self-improvement includes finding out:

Take the time to sign up right now for this 7 Lesson FREE E-Course Building The M.A.P. (My Action Plan) for Success.

If you haven't signed up, then you probably are:

May you have a day, week, month and many years filled with both peace and abundance.

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